27. November, 2020

Online Conference “E-learning: Trend and Innovation”

Online Conference “E-learning: Trend and Innovation”

The online Conference “E-learning: Trend and Innovation” was held today with presence of state institutions representatives and over 25 beneficiaries of the project “Employment Empowerment of Young Roma”. During the conference, the online training “Five steps to work” was presented, which provides users with the opportunity to attend online training at any time and at any place – this online training is the first in a serie of trainings that contribute to strengthening the skills of young Roma.

In the conditions of the pandemic, it was necessary to find a model for the implementation of project activities, that would enable young Roma with unhindered access to the planned support measures. Roma Education Fund dedicated time and resporces to the design and implement project activities through e-learning. This is how the online training “Five steps to work” was created, in cooperation between REF and company LESTE. The goal of this online training “Five steps to work” is to prepare young Roma for the labor market, during which young people go through the process of creating an e-mail address, looking for a job online, preparing a resume and cover letter, and preparing for an interview with the employer.

At today’s conference, the representative of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Dr. Snezana Vukovic, emphasized the importance of modifying activities according to the needs of the community: “At this moment, systemic measures in education are really important, which lead to increased employability of young people, and the cooperation with REF has so far meant the implementation of systemic measures at the national level. When it comes to distance learning, the Ministry is working to reduce the digital division that exists between students who are from economically deprived backgrounds, which largely includes Roma students. So far, we have distributed 1,650 devices and 2,400 internet cards to students during the state of emergency, and in cooperation with UNICEF we are continuing with the same activities”.

Director of Roma Education Fund, Redjepali Chupi, stressed the importance of adapting the education system to the pandemic, adding that REF has transffered most of its activities online, with the support of LESTE: “Roma Education Foundation has created the Emergency fund, through which tablets and internet cards were provided, as well as additional classes and school material. An important recommendation arising from the activities carried out within the Emergency Fund, is the need to map the needs of the community in the field and accordingly create and plan approaches and support measures”.

The online training “Five steps to work” is available with the assigned username and password on the link:
Those interested can e-mail fkamberovic@romaeducationfund.org and ajovanovic@romaeducationfund.org to obtain a username and password and instructions for using the platform.


How did the beneficiaries of the project “Employment Empowerment of Young Roma” describe the online training “Five steps to work”?

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