Aleksandar Blagojević (19 years)

Aleksandar Blagojević (19 years)

"With the aquired education, I will have the opportunity for a better future"

“When I leave the Home in the spring, I will have completed secondary school with fourth-degree diploma.
Until then, I will also have a driving licence. I will no longer stand in the corner as a punishment nor I will wear
the dunce hat because I will not be the guilty one.”

When he was eleven years old, Aleksandar was brought from Mladenovac to the Home for Children without Parental Care in Bela Crkva. His mother was not visiting him because she had started a new family. His father visits him occasionally. Aleksandar says that in the beginning, it was very difficult because the educators were very strict and sometimes verbally rude. Eight years later, he understands the reasons for such treatment towards him and other children, because he is now ready to get to grips with all that is outside the institution and what awaits him when he begins an independent life in the spring.

“I know what I want. A normal life, without any luxury. I know that it is not my fault for being in the Home. I have finally come to terms with that and I will not be ashamed of the fact that I spent years of my life here. I
got friends here, Aranka and Elvis. We will be leaving the Home together and all three of us are attending the additional training provided to us through REF project. With the aquired education, I will have the opportunity for a better future. All three of us will have the opportunity to pursue our goals away from the Home, and I hope away from Bela Crkva.”

Wishing to earn some pocket money, Aleksandar does  various jobs, such as painting, installing parquet and tiles. Everything he earns, he saves for a moment when he leaves the Home. He hopes that after completing additional training, he will soon find a job and become completely  ndependent.