Edmond Avdulahu (23 years)

Edmond Avdulahu (23 years)

"I just want to be employed and to have my superiors in the factory recognize my effort"

“I work as a sewing machine operator. I learned how to do this during the internship opportunity provided by REF. I have modest goals, I do not want to become a manager. I just want to be employed and to have my superiors in the factory recognize my effort. I just wish that when I complete the internship, I will keep working on the same position.”

Edmond lives with unemployed parents and a sister who is currently working as a cleaner in a mall. In 1999, his family, as well as many other families at that time, came to Niš and stayed with his grandparents.

“My grandpa died in 2004 and I cannot return him. He took us in when it was the hardest. I cannot turn back the clock, but I can look forward.”
Edmond looks forward and remains grateful for having a roof over his head. He is happy that he can share a large part of his salary with his parents and contribute to the home  budget. He is particularly happy for being able to visit Italy and he is now planning a trip to Istanbul if his employers keep him on the current position. He is also looking forward to attending an English language course. He is happy with everything that most young people take for granted.

“I used to be sad when there was something I wished and could not achieve it. Now I know that wishes are there to encourage me not to be sad, regardless of the circumstances. I wanted to get this internship with all of my heart, and then I got it. With the same level of excitement, I am looking forward to employment as a sewing machine operator, once the internship is over, and then one day that will come true as well. You see, it has been like that so far, and I know how to want things with all my heart.”