24 young Roma received certificates for completing training for welders

Within the project “Employment Empowerment of Young Roma – Phase 2”, two cycles of training for welders were organized each lasting for one month. Certificates for successfully completing training for welders were handed to 24 young Roma today.

The ceremony of certificates awarding was held in the Assembly of the City of Kragujevac and was attended by PhD Nedeljko Manojlovic, a member of the City Council for Education, who congratulated young Roma on completing the training for welders and expressed hope they would soon be employed as welders.

Having in mind that welding is one of the deficit vocations in the labor market, and that there is a certain number of companies in Kragujevac and its surroundings that occupies in this field, this training was organized with the aim to provide greater employment opportunities for young Roma. Roma Education Fund Representative Office in serbia will continue to support young welders in the following period, as well as to cooperate with employers on the territory of the city of Kragujevac.