Regional conference held on the results of “Decade of Roma Inclusion”

Roma Education Fund participated in regional conference on the results of “Decade of Roma Inclusion” held on June 20th and 21st in Belgrade.

The topics covered at this conference were: discrimination, legal aid and social inclusion of Roma, the position of Roma women in society and family, education and employment, housing, health and a healthy family environment.

At the opening of the conference, the Minister of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy Zoran Djordjevic addressed the participants, stating that this conference is an excellent opportunity to review achieved results and define ways for additional improvements.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Zorana Mihajlovic warned about daily problems that Roma natioanl minority face and stressed that it is very important to work, next to health, education and employment, on their housing issues as well. “The documents are a condition for resolving this issue, but all that we really realize are the conditions in which Roma live, the level of education and the number of those who complete secondary schools and faculties,” Mihajlovic said.

Regional conference was hosted by the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs with the participation of countries from region – Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovakia and over 120 representatives of institutions and organizations such as EU Delegation to Serbia, of the European Union, the Council of Europe, UNWomen, Regional Cooperation Council, GIZ, Roma Education Fund and others.