Otvoren poziv za konsultanta/kinju: Poboljšanje znanja stranih jezika kod mladih Roma i Romkinja u Srbiji

Rok za prijave: 5. jul

Zadatak škole/agencije biće poboljšanje znanja engleskog, nemačkog, srpskog i romskog jezika za mlade povratnike/ce, kao i kreiranje kurseva za povećanje veština zapošljivosti kod mladih Roma i Romkinja u Srbiji. Cilj ovih kurseva je pospešivanje zapošljivosti mladih Roma i Romkinja u Beogradu, Nišu i Novom Sadu. Osnovne veštine obuhvaćene kursevima stranih jezika su poslovna komunikacija i tehnike prevođenja sa ciljem da se poveća konkurentnost mladih Roma i Romkinja na tržištu rada. Škola/agencija će takođe pružiti uslugu profesionalne orijentacije kako bi se mladim Romima i Romkinjama pomoglo da donesu najbolje profesionalne izbore u skladu sa svojim sposobnostima.


Call for Consultancy: Enhancing Foreign Language Skills of Young Roma in Serbia

Project “Employment Empowerment of Young Roma – Phase II”

Deadline: 05 July 2020


The Roma Education Fund’s (REF) mission and ultimate goal is to close the gap in educational outcomes between Roma and non-Roma. In order to achieve this goal, the organization supports policies and programs which ensure quality education for Roma through scholarships, grant making and advocacy activities.

The objectives of REF include:

  • Expanding Romani youth’s access to quality education and employability;
  • Boosting academic performance and graduation rates from secondary education for Romani pupils;
  • Supporting access to tertiary education, improving graduation levels and strengthening identity of Romani university students;
  • Improving Romani youth’s knowledge of the job market and required employment skills;
  • Expanding employment opportunities for young Romani adults.

The overall objective of the Project “Employment Empowerment of Young Roma – Phase II” funded by the German Financial Cooperation implemented by KfW on behalf of the German Government – Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development “Employment Empowerment of Young Roma – Phase II” is to support social inclusion of Roma (both domicile Roma and Roma failed asylum seekers/returnees) in Serbian society, though increased graduation rate of Roma secondary school and university students and their facilitation into the labor market. The project contributes to social cohesion through increased education attainment and improved employability of Roma children and youth, as well as foster cross-country and regional dialogue and knowledge transfer.


The school/agency will be tasked with improving English, German, Serbian and Roma language skills for readmitted youth and to develop tailor-made courses for the increase of employability/job related skills of young Roma in Serbia. The purpose of these courses is to improve the employability of young Roma in Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad. The core skills covered by the language courses are to be business communication, career coaching and translation techniques, aiming to increase the competitiveness of the young Roma in the labor market. The school/agency will also provide service of professional orientation in order to help Romani youth to make the best professional choices according to their capabilities.

Duties and responsibilities

School/agency, under direct supervision of the Employment Officers and Program Manager is expected to undertake the following tasks:

  • Using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment, abbreviated in English as CEFR or CEF or CEFRL as a guideline to describe achievements of learners of foreign languages;
  • Providing a friendly environment that appreciates diversity and offers a respectful approach;
  • Providing quality education in the courses organized, planned and delivered by properly qualified teachers;
  • Ability to provide services in at least one of the above-mentioned locations;
  • Organizing courses according to COVID-19 safety measures and recommended precautions;
  • Providing professional orientation skills (CV writing skills, applying online for a job position, filling up the Europass CV, etc.);
  • Providing basic training on the translation techniques and referring interested students to the relevant translation agencies/associations;
  • Planning and creating the syllabus for the specific courses in line with the skills, interests and capabilities of the attendees, planned duration and cultural sensitivity;
  • Providing multiple levels for the courses, according to the attendees’ skills and appraised knowledge/skill levels;
  • Providing adequate space and learning material in the school/agency premises and/or online learning if required;
  • Conducting mandatory entry testing, testing during the courses (if so planned) and mandatory final testing;
  • Issuing certificates of knowledge valid in the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia;
  • Ensuring careful monitoring of the students’ progress and detailed reporting to the REF on a regular basis;
  • Providing dedicated project coordinator to maintain lines of communication between students, teachers and REF, technical and attendee support, perform all organization and coordination tasks;
  • Maintaining regular communication with REF during the realization of all described tasks;
  • Provide any other relevant training required to increase employability.


Knowledge gained must be in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and clearly stated in the certificates. Students are to be able to utilize the four language skills in alignment with the level of knowledge they are certified for.  Students’ job application skills are to be improved, and they themselves empowered to seek careers in the fields appropriate for their interests, skills and capabilities. The school/agency is required to submit final report to Employment Officers and to the Program Manager.

Required Experience

  • Qualified staff familiar with minority rights and working with the minority students;
  • Previous track of providing job related/employability skills courses for Romani youth;
  • Proven experience in working with civil society organizations international institutions;
  • Proven organizational and reporting skills;
  • Minimum 5 years of experience related to language services;
  • Advanced computer skills.

Organizational Values

In order to develop and deliver our education programs that provide quality, inclusive education for Roma children and youth, we believe in five core values that join us together and that mirror the work, actions and ideals of our organization and its culture: Tenacity; Integrity; Justice; Accountability; Inquisitiveness

Planned duration of the engagement:  The contract duration is two semesters (one academic year) from July 2020 until June 2021, with the possibility of extending engagement.

Application process

A complete application includes:

  1. Extract from the Serbian Business Registers Agency
  2. Curriculum vitae or resume of the teaching personnel;
  3. Portfolio (a proven track record in the field of work with minorities required)
  4. Financial offer in EUR (gross amount) that includes:
  • Course price per student per course level
  • Learning material (if included in the course price, should be emphasized)
  • Any other outstanding costs


Selection criteria

  • Quality of syllabus with the aim of improved employability or Roma youth: 60%
  • Sustainable, comprehensive plan and meeting the REF objectives: 20%
  • Price: 20%
  • Compliance with technical and management requirements
  • Submitting the full required documentation within the stated deadlines
  • Comprehensiveness of the submitted programs and syllabi

The REF team maintains the right to select one, more or none of the submitted proposals – following the proposal compliance with the required conditions.

Application must be in English and must be submitted at the latest by 05 July 2020 to the following address: Please include in the subject line “Call for Applications: Enhancing Foreign Language Skills of Young Roma in Serbia”.

Schools/agencies identifying themselves as Roma or female entrepreneurs, and/or are able to offer Romani language courses and training in basic translation technics are particularly encouraged to apply.

Applicants are encouraged to submit suggestions of any other benefits or content they can offer related to this Call. In case this increases the price of a service, applicant is obliged to offer relevant explanation.

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