Otvoren poziv za konsultanta/kinju: Povećanje vidljivosti projekta i Kampanje o upisu romskih učenika/ca u srednje škole i visoke škole/fakultete

Rok za prijave: 22. maj

Konsultant/kinja ili agencija će imati zadatak da kroz pristup medijima razvije odnose sa javnošću i poveća vidljivost efektivne i efikasne intervencije REF-a u Srbiji koja se tiče: a) Projektnih aktivnosti tokom pandemije virusa KOVID-19, uključujući Kampanju o upisu romskih učenika/ca u srednje škole i visoke škole/fakultete; b) povećanje vidljivosti projektnih aktivnosti i odnosa sa javnošću u okviru projekta „Pospešivanje zapošljivosti mladih Roma i Romkinja – faza 2“ sa posebnim naglaskom na obrazovanju, zapošljavanju i reintegraciji povratnika/ca u Srbiji.

Call for Consultancy:

Boosting Project Visibility and Roma School Enrolment Campaign in Serbia

Deadline: 22 May 2020


The Roma Education Fund’s (REF) mission and ultimate goal is to close the gap in educational outcomes between Roma and non-Roma. In order to achieve this goal, the organization supports policies and programs which ensure quality education for Roma through scholarships, grant making and advocacy activities.

The objectives of REF include:

  • Expanding Romani children’s access to quality early childhood education and care;
  • Improving primary education outcomes for Romani children aged six to fourteen;
  • Boosting academic performance and graduation rates from secondary education for Romani pupils;
  • Supporting access to tertiary education, improving graduation levels and strengthening identity of Romani university students;
  • Expanding employment opportunities for young Romani adults.

The overall objective of the Project “Employment Empowerment of Young Roma – Phase II” is to support social inclusion of Roma (both domicile Roma and Roma failed asylum seekers/returnees) in Serbian society, though increased graduation rate of Roma secondary school and university students and their facilitation into the labor market. The project contributes to social cohesion through increased education attainment and improved employability of Roma children and youth, as well as foster cross-country and regional dialogue and knowledge transfer.


The consultant/agency will be tasked to develop PR and Visibility outreach to media for effective and efficient REF intervention in Serbia in response to a) COVID-19 project activities, including Roma children school enrolment campaign; b) enhancing the visibility and public relations of the project “Employment Empowerment of Young Roma – Phase II” activities with particular emphasis on education, employment and reintegration of returnees in Serbia.

Duties and responsibilities

Consultant/agency, under the direct supervision and guidance of the Readmission Officers and Program Manager is expected to undertake the following:


  1. Short-term PR and visibility outreach: Increasing visibility of REF initiatives and project activities in emergency response to COVID-19 and as well as promoting project campaign for Roma children school enrolment in secondary and tertiary education in Serbia;
  2. Long-term PR and visibility outreach: positioning REF in Serbia through enhanced visibility of the project “Employment Empowerment of Young Roma – phase II”, activities with particular emphasis on education, employment and reintegration of returnees in Serbia.

In carrying out both short-term and long-term PR and visibility outreach, the consultant/agency shall perform following tasks:

  • In consultation with REF Serbia, design and prepare a clear outline and visibility plan of action for promotion of project activities;
  • Propose the methods for promotion and guidance for the REF Serbia in the process of media outreach;
  • According to REF inputs and specific project messages designing and placing media announcements and releases;
  • Support in framing tailor-made media messages and REF Serbia interventions in the area of education, strengthening employability of young Roma and employment empowerment, returnee’s reintegration;
  • On-site covering of events, including detailed plan and PR activities for project events as well as press clipping and reporting on monthly/event basis;
  • Support in social networks outreach and visibility increasing through user-friendly social networks and participation/advice in website updating;
  • If necessary, support in designing promotional material in alignment with REF visual identity;
  • Promoting activities, project results and well-proved models in the area of education, employment and reintegration of Roma returnees.



  1. The short-term campaign successfully implemented with positive impact on REF activities in COVID-19 crisis and the enrolment campaign (a set of media releases, stories, social media posts, videos, images, photos and any other content posted to digital channels).
  2. The long-term campaign carried out and main goals of the media campaign achieved: a) increased overall visibility of REF as organization; b) increased visibility and promotion of REF’s initiatives and activities aimed at supporting young Roma in achieving their full potential in education and employment; c) boosting the level of broader public interest in REF achievement and contribution to community (social media pack prepared for all key activities, dates, lunches, etc. and shared with stakeholders, where appropriate).

Required Experience

  • At least 2 years of experience in social media management and/or writing features for the web;
  • Demonstrated experience in working with civil society, especially Roma organizations;
  • Knowledge and understanding of local and global landscape and trends;
  • Fluency of both written and spoken English and Serbian;
  • Previous REF, GIZ and /or Roma CSO experience in a similar role is highly desirable.

Organizational Values

In order to develop and deliver our education programs that provide quality, inclusive education for Roma children and youth, we believe in five core values that join us together and that mirror the work, actions and ideals of our organization and its culture:

  • Tenacity; Integrity; Justice; Accountability; Inquisitiveness

Planned duration of the engagement

The short-term phase of the consultancy is from May 20th –July 20th, 2020.

The long-term phase of the consultancy is from July 20th – December 15th, 2020.

Application process

A complete application includes:

  • Curriculum vitae or resume;
  • Portfolio (a proven track record in this field is required);
  • Narrative outline describing the approaches and activities to be undertaken in increasing visibility and public relations (separate for short-term and long-term campaign);
  • Financial offer in EUR (gross amount) that includes a separate offer for short-term and long-term campaign.

Application must be in English and must be submitted at the latest by 22 May 2020 to the following address: Please include in the subject line “Call for Consultancy: Boosting Project Visibility and Roma School Enrolment Campaign in Serbia”.

Individuals identifying themselves as Roma, Roma Education Fund scholarship recipients, and fulfilling the above-mentioned profile and requirements are particularly encouraged to apply. Qualified female candidates are particularly encouraged to apply.


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