Otvoren poziv za konsultanta/kinju: Dizajniranje sadržaja za platformu za e-učenje, namenjenu mladim Romima i Romkinja u Srbiji u okviru REF projekta „Pospešivanje zapošljivosti mladih Roma i Romkinja – faza 2“

Rok za prijave: 20. maj

Primarni cilj je kreiranje platforme za e-učenje koja sadrži e-obuke o zapošljivosti/profesionalnim i životnim veštinama, prilagođene mladim Romima i Romkinjama u Srbiji. Svrha platforme je jačanje veština zapošljivosti mladih Roma i Romkinja, i istovremeno obuhvatanje većeg broj korisnika/ca nego što je to moguće kroz tradicionalne načine obučavanja. Osnovne veštine zapošljivosti obuhvaćene obukom su poslovna komunikacija, timski rad i rešavanje problema sa ciljem jačanja otpornosti mladih Roma i Romkinja koji traže posao.


Call for Consultancy:

Designing Content for E-Learning Platform for Roma youth in Serbia under REF Project “Employment Empowerment of Young Roma – Phase II”

Deadline: 20 May


The Roma Education Fund’s (REF) mission and ultimate goal is to close the gap in educational outcomes between Roma and non-Roma. In order to achieve this goal, the organization supports policies and programs which ensure quality education for Roma through scholarships, grant making and advocacy activities.

The objectives of REF include:

  • Expanding Romani children’s access to quality early childhood education and care;
  • Improving primary education outcomes for Romani children aged six to fourteen;
  • Boosting academic performance and graduation rates from secondary education for Romani pupils;
  • Supporting access to tertiary education, improving graduation levels and strengthening identity of Romani university students;
  • Expanding employment opportunities for young Romani adults.

The overall objective of the Project “Employment Empowerment of Young Roma – Phase II” is to support social inclusion of Roma (both domicile Roma and Roma failed asylum seekers/returnees) in Serbian society, though increased graduation rate of Roma secondary school and university students and their facilitation into the labour market. The project contributes to social cohesion through increased education attainment and improved employability of Roma children and youth, as well as foster cross-country and regional dialogue and knowledge transfer.


The main objective of consultancy is creation of an E-learning platform containing tailor-made E-trainings on employability/job related life-skills of young Roma in Serbia. The purpose of the platform is to improve the employability skills of young Roma, while at the same time covering a larger number of beneficiaries than traditional training tools do. The core employability skills covered by the training are business communication, teamwork, and problem-solving aiming to increase the resilience of the young Roma job seekers.

Duties and responsibilities

Consultant/Company under direct supervision of the Employment Officers and Program Manager is expected to undertake the following tasks:

  • Planning and designing the content of online learning platform in alignment with the REF visual identity guidelines and the specifics of the training programme;

Gathering and processing data and material (PPT, PDF, video and audio recordings) in line with the E-learning standards suitable for processing and creating relevant content on the online platform;

  • Creating content for e-trainings and video, audio and other material post-production;
  • Editing and fine tuning the e-training, i.e. customizing content of the e-platform interface according to the REF visual identity guidelines;
  • Enabling all functions foreseen by the platform (chats, forums, tests, quizzes, etc.) and establishing a monitoring system;
  • Conducting testing before the final upload content of the platform;
  • Providing technical and user support and a User’s Guide, as well as the training of the REF staff on how to use the content of platform;
  • Maintaining regular communication with REF team during performing all given tasks.


The e-learning platform is to be implemented, and fully tested according to the REF requirements prior to be settled online. The e-training for job related/employability skills of the young Roma is to be designed, created and fully approachable via the platform. The Consultant/Company is required to submit final report to Employment Officers and to the Program Manager of “Employment Empowerment of Young Roma – phase II” project.

Required Experience

  • Previous experience with online platform development;
  • Previous track of e-training for job related/employability skills of young people;
  • Proven experience in working with civil society organizations and corporate companies;

Organizational Values

In order to develop and deliver our education programs that provide quality, inclusive education for Roma children and youth, we believe in five core values that join us together and that mirror the work, actions and ideals of our organization and its culture:

  • Tenacity; Integrity; Justice; Accountability; Inquisitiveness

Planned duration of the engagement:  The contract duration, is up to 8 weeks upon signing of the contract.

Application process

A complete application includes:

  1. Curriculum vitae or resume;
  2. Portfolio (a proven track record in this field is required)
  3. Financial offer in EUR (gross amount) that includes:
  4. Online platform development;
  5. Licensing fees (if any);
  6. Server requirements (if any);
  7. Data hosting requirements (if any);
  8. Maintenance of the database (fee per hour)

Application must be in English and must be submitted at the latest by 20 May 2020 to the following address: jbojic@romaeducationfund.org Please include in the subject line “Call for Consultants: Designing E-Learning Platform for Roma youth in Serbia”.

Individuals identifying themselves as Roma, Roma Education Fund scholarship recipients, and fulfilling the above-mentioned profile and requirements are particularly encouraged to apply. Qualified female candidates are particularly encouraged to apply.

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